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Building an Effective Design Process


Jobs are won or lost during the design process.

Created exclusively for design managers and senior-level designers in remodeling and custom building companies, this Masterclass brings together presentations from award-winning industry experts, best practice sharing, and more.

By learning how other successful companies manage this essential area of the business, you’ll have the ammunition you need to deliver far beyond client expectations while maximizing profits on every job.

This class has sold out every time it has been offered and is limited to 15 attendees from non-competing remodeling companies.

We have expanded the content to two days and brought it even more experienced remodelers to learn from!

These Successful Remodelers will Join Us to Add Insight Directly from the Field:

And be prepared to share your best practices with your peers.

Agenda Topics Include:
  • Coordination of design and budget
  • Managing client expectations and communications
  • Working efficiently with trades, suppliers and other vendors
  • Mapping the design process and sharing essential key performance indicators
  • Effective Design to Production hand-off process
  • And More…

More Classes Coming Soon!

Sorry, current dates are sold out, but more classes are on the way!

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VIctoria Downing

Victoria Downing

President, Remodelers Advantage

Victoria Downing

President, Remodelers Advantage

Victoria Downing is a leading authority in the remodeling industry. For nearly 30 years, Victoria has worked with owners of remodeling companies across the United States and Canada, to help them build strong, consistently profitable businesses. She is known for her high-energy educational seminars as well as her in-depth knowledge of the best practices that transform company performance. Victoria has created the industry’s largest community of motivated remodelers through Remodelers Advantage University and the Roundtables Peer Group Program. Currently, the members of this community produce over $1 billion in revenue annually. In addition to being a published author and sought-after speaker, Victoria is Co-Host of PowerTips Unscripted, a weekly Podcast featuring interviews of thought-leaders from the Remodeling and associated industries.

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Building an Effective Design Process



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