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Mastering the Art of Lead Qualification


Learn How To Increase Your Sales By Qualifying More Accurately On The Phone!

Remodeling companies spend enormous amounts of money on marketing & advertising to generate leads. Yet, when the phone does ring, the prospect is usually greeted by the least trained person in the company. The first impression your employee makes with a prospective customer can make or break every dollar of effort you’ve invested in those lead generation methods.

Certainly, we want to be able to properly qualify which homeowners merit an appointment. But some remodeling companies have increased their sales by 40% simply by qualifying more accurately on the phone!

In this training, we will reveal the best practices for:

  • The 3 proper criteria to qualify a lead over the phone (it’s not what you think!).
  • How to properly use a lead intake form.
  • What information should be uncovered in the lead intake call.
  • How to manage the conversation.
  • Role-playing the conversation with a realistic homeowner.
  • Role-playing the conversation with an unrealistic homeowner.
  • How to politely disqualify a homeowner so they don’t get upset.
  • How to properly manage the homeowner’s expectations.
  • How to tee up the appointment to improve the success of the salesperson once they arrive at their home.
  • What to do if you don’t have enough leads.
  • What to do if you have too many leads.
  • Best (and worst) practices of lead intake based on working with hundreds of remodeling companies.
  • The research you should do before calling a homeowner who has made an inquiry on your website or social media.
  • Time-saving measures the LIP can use on the phone to assist the salesperson’s time later.
  • Why a detailed budget discussion on the phone prior to the appointment is absolutely costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars every year!

Face it, designers were taught to design. Many lack the advanced interpersonal skills to control customers who reasonably expect great service and care during the design of their 6 figure remodel.

Clearly, your team wants to please the customer. They deserve the tools to provide a superb (and efficient) customer experience with collaborative teamwork.

This program includes:

Each company that signs up for this training will receive two seats. One for the Lead Intake Person (LIP) and one for the LIP’s manager. It is crucial that management understands these innovative best practices to adequately support the person answering the phones.


  1. Video Conferencing
  2. Four live training sessions with Sandler trainer Jeff Borovitz
  3. Lead Intake Forms That Can Be Tailored
  4. Official Sandler Training Courseware – 12 months of online access (a $450 value!)
  5. Two copies of the book, Selling to Homeowners the Sandler Way

October 5, 2023

Jeff Borovitz

Jeff Borovitz

R/A Sandler Training Partner

Jeff Borovitz

R/A Sandler Training Partner

Known for triple-digit revenue and profit increases, with over 25 years of experience as an award-winning quota busting salesperson, sales manager, general manager and business owner. Jeff has been on over 5,000 face-to-face sales calls and has dialed the phone over 150,000 times to schedule appointments, follow-up, and close sales. He has trained over a thousand salespeople as a sales trainer for 3 of the largest sales training companies in the world. Jeff has advised, trained and coached small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprise companies on developing stronger sales teams, closing more sales and leading organizational change.

Class Schedule:
4 Weekly Sessions (Thursdays)
October 5th – 26th, 2023 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET

Mastering the Art of Lead Qualification


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