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Increased Profit Through Client Management


Client Management Training for Designers, Architects and Project Managers

  • Are important projects taking too long to complete the design?
  • Do customers seem shocked by the final price of a completed design?
  • Do over-budget designs upset the customer and never get built?
  • Is production waiting on your designers to get the customer to sign the construction agreement?

In today’s brisk business environment, getting projects through design on-budget and on-time is crucial. There’s nothing more upsetting than a completed design that doesn’t convert to production.

Today, the design department may be THE bottleneck in many design/build remodeling companies throughout North America.

This program is designed to address –

  • Dealing with allowances in the design and selection process
  • When and how to discuss budgets with customers
  • Meeting design deadlines to assist production
  • The Dreaded Scope Creep – when it starts and how the designer can control it
  • Dealing with indecisive customers
  • How to manage customers properly to get decisions easier and more timely
  • What to do to stay on budget even when the customer is asking you to add scope
  • How to control the design and selections process to keep customers happy but meet production start commitments
  • Advanced customer relationship building skills (much more than small talk or chit chat!)
  • The paradox of options and why you should think twice about offering them

Face it, designers were taught to design. Many lack the advanced interpersonal skills to control customers who reasonably expect great service and care during the design of their 6 figure remodel.

Clearly your team wants to please the customer. They deserve the tools to provide a superb (and efficient) customer experience with collaborative teamwork


This program includes –

  1. A Customer Service assessment specifically for designers who manage customer interactions. Results will give feedback to the designer on their areas for communication improvement and outline strengths that the designer already has. Performance benchmarks are provided. ($300 value)
  2. Eleven 55-minute group video conference sessions with other designers/engineers/PM’s from non-competitive companies around North America. Sessions are delivered by Jeff Borovitz, President of Sandler Sales. Homework is assigned for many of the 11 sessions. All 11 sessions are scheduled well in advance so there are no make-ups. If a session is missed due to illness or emergency, notes will be provided and Jeff will answer any subsequent questions the participant has offline. Each class will begin at 1:00 PM.
  3. Access to the comprehensive Sandler Online library of training, including Foundations for managing meetings and conversations with customers. ($400 value)
  4. A certificate of completion – (Sandler Training Customer Management for Designers)


Sample Curriculum

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • What is consultative design
  • Your Design Constraints (time, budget, performance, manufacturable, compliance, preferences
  • EPICBS and how to insure high Customer Satisfaction
  • The 5 Customer Service Problems (and how to avoid them)
  • Listening Skills
  • Meeting Management Skills
  • Designer Time Management with the 4 C’s
  • Prioritizing Design Elements and Selections
  • The Paradox of Options
  • ABT and Undermining Beliefs
  • CAPS with Customers
  • Pre-Meeting Planning
  • Questioning Skills to become a “detective”
  • Educator or Designer?
  • The Designer decides before the Customer decides
  • Advanced Bonding and Rapport – Matching and Mirroring
  • Understanding the Customer’s True Motivation
  • Discussing Money and Costs with the Customer
  • Call before you surprise!
  • Outstanding Customer Service is Predictable
  • Never get creative in front of the customer
  • Karpman’s Triangle for Designers
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Your “I” is not Who You “R”
  • Design Presentation Skills
  • How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

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Jeff Borovitz

Jeff Borovitz

R/A Sandler Training Partner

Jeff Borovitz

R/A Sandler Training Partner

Known for triple-digit revenue and profit increases, with over 25 years of experience as an award-winning quota busting salesperson, sales manager, general manager and business owner. Jeff has been on over 5,000 face-to-face sales calls and has dialed the phone over 150,000 times to schedule appointments, follow-up, and close sales. He has trained over a thousand salespeople as a sales trainer for 3 of the largest sales training companies in the world. Jeff has advised, trained and coached small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprise companies on developing stronger sales teams, closing more sales and leading organizational change.

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Increased Profit Through Client Management


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