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Are You Struggling to Hire & Keep Good Employees?

How Much Does a Bad Hire Cost Your Business?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost for each bad hire can equal 30 percent of that individual’s annual earnings. Thus, when you hire the wrong mid-level project manager or lead carpenter earning $60,000, the real cost to your organization will be $78,000.


Hiring key personnel for your remodeling business can be challenging; however, it is one of the most critical pieces in building a successful, profitable company.

The Remodelers Advantage Hiring Edge Program helps you hire key team members more effectively using a unique combination of TriMetrix DNA Assessment Tools and experienced, hands-on business coaching. Our mission is to improve your hiring process and help you attract the talent your company needs and deserves.

The Hiring Edge Process –


Before you begin the hiring process, your business coach will meet with up to five members of your team, utilizing the TriMetrix DNA Job Benchmark Report to help identify the skills and behavioral factors that are best suited for a particular role in your company.


During the hiring process, your coach will utilize the TriMetrix DNA Job/Talent Comparison Report, which measures up to five candidates and compares them to one another, as well as against the established Job Benchmark parameters.


Once you’ve hired a candidate, your coach will use the TriMetrix DNA Management Staff Report to develop strategies for onboarding, coaching and managing your new employee, now and into the future.

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