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TriMetrix DNA Assessment (4 Pack)

Want to hire and retain the best talent?

By implementing the insights of this report, you’ll have a research-based tool that will create results and an environment where your employees are more engaged and productive.

A TriMetrix® DNA (DISC + 12 Driving Forces® + Competencies) assessment will provide a report that shows you an individual’s job-related skills in combination with their behavior and drivers.

Using TriMetrix DNA shows you a person’s strengths and weaknesses. These insights are used for personal and professional development. It gives your clients a variety of ways to achieve a higher level of results.

Your Peers Use TriMetrix DNA to:

  • Develop talent more effectively
  • Hire from entry to executive level
  • Identify and develop future leaders

After purchase, you will receive four “response links” to send to respondents so they may take the assessment.

*Links are valid for one use each. Links do not expire. Please allow up to 24-hours for links to be processed and generated. (These are created manually).



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