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The Remodelers Ultimate Guide to QuickBooks

By Judith Miller and Jackie Shaw

Nationally recognized accounting advisors Judith Miller and Jackie Shaw (collectively known as The J’s), bring you a step-by-step manual written specifically for remodelers.

If you don’t have control of your financials, you don’t have control of your business and job cost accounting is vital for remodelers who need timely reporting to manage production in the field. Judith Miller lays out the gold standard of accounting methods for remodelers.

The 2021 edition includes:

  • A new introduction to help business owners understand the different roles in an accounting department and what positions are currently covered by existing staff.
  • Page by page color coding based on accounting skill level, so you only implement processes that your accounting department can manage and create the most accurate reports.
  • A new chapter with guidance for QuickBooks® Online (QBO) users.
  • The CoConstruct and QuickBooks integration chapter including a review of the job cost variance that occurs between the two systems.

NOTE: This product is available electronically in PDF format


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