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QuickBooks Reporting Solutions

It’s Easy as One, Two, Three.

  1. Send your QuickBooks file to Judith Miller
  2. Receive your report with detailed instructions within 10 business days.*

Here are the details

QuickBooks expert and author of The Remodelers Ultimate Guide to Quickbooks, Judith Miller, will apply her decades of QuickBooks and accounting experience to help you uncover the information that you need to grow your company.

Through the QuickBooks Reporting Solutions Package, Judith will help you build, create, and use the essential business reports that mean the difference between profits and loss. Using your own data files, she will drill into the intricacies of items, classes, categories and more to help you organize, manage, and understand the financial metrics behind every successful remodeling business.

Whether your reports include inaccuracies, misclassifications, undecipherable entries, or are simply not easy to understand, Judith will help immediately, using the insights she has gained as she’s worked with hundreds of remodeling companies.

  • Ability to compare estimate to actual in easy-to-create job cost reports.
    • You’ll know where your estimates are coming up short, in what categories costs overrun, and you‘ll know in time to take action! No more losing jobs.
  • Understanding of complete job costs, including your “real” labor burden, something that few companies are doing correctly.
    • When any labor burden is left out of job costs, you’re leaving profits on the table.
  • Reports that allow you to manage by exception as you focus on the most important numbers.
    • No more confusion or frustration. Just simple, elegant reports that you will use as your most important management documents.
  • Company-wide budget to actual reports.
    • Keeping everyone focused on the profits of the company.
  • Increased knowledge of time-saving tips and techniques.
    • Allowing admin staff to quickly and easily deliver your reports on time, with the information that you want in the format in which you want them!

At the end of this in-depth analysis, you will receive a thorough report detailing the steps needed to bring you the accuracy and efficiency you need.  The modifications to your system can be implemented by your staff, your CPA’s staff, or by Judith who will include a proposal for a quick-turnaround implementation schedule.

*Judith Miller will deliver your project within 10 days of project start. The purchase date is not the project start date. You must schedule a project start date with Judith. To schedule your project you may contact Judith via email.


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