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Mastering Accountability


Accountability – Will it be the difference between success and failure this year and beyond?

For many, it will. Many remodeling companies have sold enough to have a great year. Many of those have the production capability to get those projects done. So why are so many companies struggling to keep work flowing and stay profitable? Staffing shortages, product delays, and schedule disruptions all contribute to that challenge. Our best defense against all of that is great performance on the things we can control – which means accountability for our team can make a tremendous difference.

This class will provide proven strategies and a detailed step-by-step framework for:

  • Translating plans and the big picture to tasks and performance measures
  • Setting clear and measurable expectations
  • Getting the team to think like an owner
  • The Power of Communications
  • Problem solving as a critical skill
  • Measuring  performance and adjusting accordingly
  • And more!

As with all of our Courses and Masterclasses, this course qualifies for NARI continuing education credits.

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Doug Howard

Doug Howard

Director of Consulting

Doug Howard

Director of Consulting

Doug Howard is an experienced Leader, entrepreneur and business consultant with over 25 years of success in leading organizations, starting new companies and assisting client businesses as they start-up, grow or transition. Throughout his career Doug has served in leadership in for-profit, non-profit and government organizations. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business. Doug joined Remodelers Advantage as Director of Consulting Services in 2017. He now specializes in helping remodeling company owners develop strategic plans, streamline processes, improve profitability, and navigate growth. Doug has had considerable experience in:
  • Strategic planning and growth strategies
  • Seeking and obtaining financing for clients
  • Creating and developing new programs for businesses, organizations and agencies
  • Business Coaching
  • Developing and delivering business training programs on many topics:
  • Public speaking and facilitation

Four Weekly Sessions
Thursdays, 1:00 – 2:30pm ET
Next Class Starts:

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Mastering Accountability



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