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Project Manager Intensive


Let Us Turn Your Project Manager into a Superhero!

Remodelers Advantage presents a Masterclass course explicitly designed for Project Management personnel in the remodeling and custom-building industries.

This course combines in-person instruction, interactive exercises, and Roundtables elements such as individual focus time and formulating commitments in a group of non-competing remodeling companies.

This two-day program focuses on two of the most critical aspects of managing a project – hitting the agreed-upon budget and working with and managing the team effectively.

Industry and business experts Tim Faller, Victoria Downing, and Doug Howard will be facilitating this course.

Agenda Topics Include:

    • Understanding Where All the Money Goes
    • Getting A Jump On The Chaos – Pre-Job Setup and Debug
    • Understand DiSC
    • Creating Win/Win in Difficult Conversations
    • Back to the Job Site – Time Management
    • Commitments

November 4, 2021

Tim Faller

Tim Faller

Senior Consultant


Tim Faller

Senior Consultant

For the past 17 years, Tim has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of remodeling companies, large and small, to help improve profits by creating smooth, efficient production systems. Tim has interviewed and worked with countless owners, employees, stakeholders and vendors as he travels across the continent consulting with some of the most successful remodelers in the industry. As a Senior Consultant and “Master of Production” for Remodelers Advantage, Tim’s field and business ownership experience is vital to his additional role as facilitator for Owner and Production Manager Roundtables Groups. In addition to being a published author and very popular industry speaker, Tim is Co-host of The Tim Faller Show, a weekly podcast focused on “Improving The Bottom Line Through Production Training…”


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Project Manager Intensive


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