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Accurate Bookkeeping for Successful Remodeling Companies


Construction bookkeeping is complicated: it deals with multiple jobs, scopes of work, various trades, and a number of material suppliers.

The accuracy and timeliness of the various reports needed at month-end are critical to decision making for both jobs and the company.

Remodelers Advantage over the years has developed “The R/A Way” to provide both good job costs and managerial reports in a succinct and useful way.

Learn “The R/A Way” at this 12-hour MasterClass taught by Judith Miller, a key contributor to “The R/A Way.”

Because of the current COVID-19 situation, this MasterClass will be held virtually each week, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, for six weeks. 

You’ll Learn:

  • The critical initial set up of chart of accounts, items (representing scopes of work) and payroll items;
  • How to enter any job cost transaction to hit the jobs / items / profit & loss statements correctly.
  • How indirect expenses provide fully burdened job labor costs which can be used to estimate labor for your next job.
  • How to track payroll for both job cost, administrative and owner payroll.
  • Reports to pull for job cost review as well as month-end financial reviews.
  • How to read a balance sheet and profit & loss statement and what to look for in each.
  • Use of WIP (over / under billing) calculation to produce true gross profit margin both $ and %.
  • And more…


Attendees will receive “The Remodelers ULTIMATE Guide to Quickbooks,” along with a DropBox drive of all relevant Excel documents and QB lists to make your life easier when you get back to the office. ($250 value)


September 28, 2021

Judith Miller

Judith Miller


Judith Miller


Judith Miller is a top level strategist who knows remodelers and the numbers – inside out and backwards. She excels at working with owners, bookkeepers and controllers to see the truth in the numbers – from both a financial and job cost perspective! Judith’s 25 years of experience provide a magnifying glass into the critical metrics of company performance from which real-time solutions for improvement can be built!

Accurate Bookkeeping for Successful Remodeling Companies


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