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Chief Architect: Intermediate Residential


Start creating plans that make production, faster, easier, and cheaper!

Designed for experienced Chief Architect users, this Masterclass is for those who would like to explore further the manual editing, productivity, and efficiency tools that make for exceptional, efficient, and thorough designs. Participants will learn the process of completing the design of a home throughout the course.

Agenda Items:

  • Floor Plans (Walls, Rooms, and Floors)
  • Saved Plan Views, Layer Sets, and Default Sets
  • Walls and Foundations
  • Roofs and Dormers
  • Framing
  • Staircases
  • Schedules
  • Sending to Layout for Scaled Drawings
  • Materials and Custom Materials
  • Rendering and Raytracing for Photo-Realistic Views
  • Terrain Tools

Course Requirements:

  • Must be comfortable with creating plans in Chief Architect and have some familiarity with layers, layer sets, defaults, and templates
  • Must have a licensed copy of Chief Architect Premier or Interiors X13 or newer with the Core Libraries installed
  • Must join on a computer with graphics powerful enough to run Zoom and Chief Architect simultaneously (most laptops are not powerful enough for this)

This course is built for Chief Architect users who have a good working understanding of the program (user for over a year) and hoping to understand some of the more complicated functions of the program as it relates to structural elements.

Each class will take place from 2:00-4:00 PM ET unless mentioned otherwise by the instructor. 

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Gary Doski

Gary Doski

Founder & CEO, Doski Building & Remodeling

Gary Doski

Founder & CEO, Doski Building & Remodeling

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Chief Architect: Intermediate Residential



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