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CFO Masterminds Membership


Enroll Your Chief Financial Officer In The CFO Masterminds!

You’ve experienced the Power of WE through Roundtables. Now, you can share that power with your CFO!

Your CFO will learn from a group of motivated, savvy peers with whom they can interact, network, and share. 

This interaction will speed improvements, adding efficiency and increased results immediately! 

The CFO Mastermind will include:

  • Quarterly, facilitated virtual meetings
  • Meetings will be 90-120 minutes in length
  • MasterMind format, with each member of the group having the opportunity to ask for input and insight on a burning issue.

Criteria to Join:

This is a program for dedicated Chief Financial Officers only. This is not a group for Office Managers nor Bookkeepers. 

Your CFO must:

  • Be an employee of the company
  • Be responsible for CFO duties as described below

A Chief Financial Officer is responsible for:

  • Financial planning, both long- and short-term
  • Projecting financial needs to aid in strategic decision making
  • Interpreting financial data and trends for management use, looking at the story behind the numbers, not just the numbers
  • Developing effective capital structure, managing institutional assets, managing lender/banking relationships
  • Managing effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  • Managing and understanding financial risks

This program is available exlusively to Roundtables member companies for $2,000 or 3 PSCs annually.

CFO Masterminds Membership


Only Available for Roundtables Members. 

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What are PSCs?

Professional Service Credits are awarded to all Roundtables members to purchase additional training, events, and one-on-one-consulting.

This additional support combined with the support of their peers ensures that our members reach far greater levels of success.

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