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Be the Lobster - A Marketing Masterclass


Ready to Stand Out, Attract the Best Clients, and Win Every Sale that Comes Your Way?

Every sale is won or lost on your answer to one simple question: Why should I choose you?

To win the job, they must believe – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that you are the hands-down best choice.

Those that position themselves as that best choice from the onset will have a distinct advantage against the competition. And when done right, your clients are sold before your salesperson even says hello.

Based on his bestselling book, Lobster on a Cheese Plate, this intensive class will cover everything from positioning, messaging, building a marketing plan, measurement, customer research techniques, and more.

Who Should Attend?

If you’re the person responsible for both creating and executing the marketing for your company, then this class is for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are the business owner, or the marketing manager — whether you’re an experienced marketer or just starting out.

This class is designed to help all levels of marketing expertise excel.

We will help you develop a solid foundation for leading your company’s marketing more strategically and efficiently.

What Should You Bring?

Bring anything and everything! Marketing plan, marketing budget, customer surveys conducted, sample creative . . . whatever you like!

Don’t have anything? That’s fine too! You’ll get tons of value regardless of your starting point.

Sample Agenda

  • Qualitative vs Quantitative
  • Crafting Effective Questions
  • Understanding Net Promoter Score
  • Drafting a Research Plan
  • Who’s Your Target
  • Target Customer vs. Client Personas
  • The Persona Problem
  • Unmet need and the problem you’re solving
  • Defining Your Competitive Framework
  • Identifying a Strong Point of Difference
  • The Reasons to Believe
  • Finding Your Personality
  • Creating a Powerful Story
  • The Messaging Matrix
  • The Three Laws of Copy
  • The Brain’s Three Flaws
  • Preparing to Build a Marketing Plan
  • Setting Your Plan Objectives
  • Establishing Your Marketing Strategies
  • The Wonderful World of Tactics
  • How to Approach Budgeting
  • Metrics Overview
  • Putting the Plan into Action

Hands-on Exercises Such As:

  • Find the Bull’s Eye
  • Hey, You Look Like Richard Lewis!
  • Stand Up to Stand Out
  • This is MY Sandbox
  • My Marketing Pulse
  • Beers with Peers
  • Competitive Detective
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once

February 14, 2022

Mark Harari

Mark Harari

Vice President, Remodelers Advantage

Mark Harari

Vice President, Remodelers Advantage

Currently Vice President of Remodelers Advantage, Mark is an award-winning marketer whose pioneering work in developing targeted audience acquisition strategies has influenced industry best practices. Having spent 18 of his 20-year marketing career working exclusively in the construction industry, Mark understands the unique challenges facing remodeling business owners today. Throughout his career, Mark has run the marketing gamut: From email, SEO and web design to copywriting, positioning and brand management. Recent Honors and Awards include: 2019 Muse Creative Award Winner – Video Excellence | 2018 Muse Creative Award Winner – Excellence in Print Advertising | 2017 IAC Award – Best Consulting Online Video | 2017 AVA Digital Award Winner – Outstanding Landing Page | 2017 AVA Digital Award Winner – Outstanding Web Video | 2017 AVA Digital Awards – Honorable Mention | 2017 AVA Digital Awards – Honorable Mention | 2016 MarCom Award Winner – Excellence in Copywriting | 2016 MarCom Award Winner – Excellence in Video Advertising


February 14-15, 2022
Baltimore, MD
Day 1: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM ET
Day 2: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM ET

Be the Lobster - A Marketing Masterclass


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